Beach Ball- Intex
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سدادت اذان
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ربطات زراع INT58641
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منفاخ صغير
10.35 SR 9.32 SR 9.32 SAR
ربطات زراع INT58641
10.35 SR 9.32 SR 9.32 SAR
كتفات اطفال
9.78 SR 8.80 SR 8.8 SAR
طوق سباحه
11.50 SR 10.35 SR 10.35 SAR
جاكيت سباحه59661
17.25 SR 15.53 SR 15.530000000000001 SAR
عوامة سباحة نيو فيرست no59262
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اطواق سباحة شفافة no59242
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Animal swimming rings
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سترة سباحة NO58671
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عوامه جود اول
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21.85 SR 19.67 SR 19.67 SAR
هابي هيبو
19.55 SR 17.60 SR 17.6 SAR
مسبح شكل صن جلر
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Colosseum Sand Shaper Mold Toys
16.10 SR 14.49 SR 14.49 SAR
Pyramid Blue Mold Sand Building Toy
16.10 SR 14.49 SR 14.49 SAR
ربطات ذراع على شكل مسبح no5860
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Children can feel more comfortable about being in the water with the Intex Pool School Deluxe Swim Vest. It's designed for advanced swimming lessons and is made of durable 10 gauge vinyl. This swim vest is easy to wear and fits comfortably with the help of 2 quick release buckles that are adjustable too.

Why You'll Love It: It can be conveniently packed for travel with easy inflate deflate feature.

Age: 3 to 6 years


Features 3-air chambers
Made of 10 gauge vinyl
2 adjustable, quick release buckles
Deflates for traveling
عوامة اطفال59574NP
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مسبح صغير 57104
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Tornado Tide X-Shot Water Gun
56.35 SR 50.72 SR 50.72 SAR

musmm li'iitlaq alma' bisureat albarq
zujajat qabilat liltakhazun kamiyatan kafiat min alma'
مسبح اطفال حلقات قابل لنفخ
62.10 SR 55.89 SR 55.89 SAR

Brand Intex
Material Polyester
Colour Multicolor
Item weight 1.6 Kilograms
Item dimensions LxWxH 147 x 147 x 33 centimeters
Age range (description) Baby
Manufacturer's Suggested Maximum Weight 50 Kilograms
Assembly Required No

About this item
Comfortable to wade in and appealing to the eye, the Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool offers refreshing fun without being an eyesore in your yard.
A quilt-like pool bottom softens your Baby's swim and inflatable ring sides eliminate bumps and bruises.
This material has been tested and certified safe for children, so your mind can be at ease knowing that harmful chemicals won't be leaching into your child's pool water.
Not only will this Sunset Glow Baby Pool bring all smiles, but imagine the fun photos you'll be able to add to your photo album after a summer of splashing
Ice cream float
64.40 SR 57.96 SR 57.96 SAR
تفاصيل اضافيه:

القياس: 1.83سم× 66سم× 20سم
explorer boat
67.85 SR 61.07 SR 61.07 SAR
تفاصيل اضافيه:
منفاخ مسابح69611
40.25 SR 36.23 SR 36.230000000000004 SAR
Sunset Children's Pool
47.15 SR 42.44 SR 42.44 SAR

Brand Intex
Colour Multicolor
Item weight 1.1 Grams
Item dimensions LxWxH 25 x 8 x 23 centimeters

About this item
Brand: Intex
Toy Category: Bath Toys
Targeted Group: Unisex
Age: All Ages
Recommended Age: All Ages
50.60 SR 45.54 SR 45.54 SAR
عوامة اطفال رايد اون NO56588
40.25 SR 36.23 SR 36.230000000000004 SAR
44.85 SR 40.37 SR 40.37 SAR
عوامة اطفال رايد ون NO56585
34.50 SR 31.05 SR 31.05 SAR
Ocean pool
90.85 SR 81.77 SR 81.77 SAR
المقاس : 1.83 متر × 38 سم
Btoys: sand and beach games medium
90.85 SR 81.77 SR 81.77 SAR
غطاء مسبح دائري
83.32 SR 74.99 SR 74.99 SAR
Intex tarpaulin for round pools 457 cm.

A tarpaulin is used to cover the pool when not in use and protect it from impurities.

Equipped with a drawstring for easy grip. With holes to prevent water from accumulating.

blue color
Rectangular inflatable children's pool
79.35 SR 71.42 SR 71.42 SAR

Brand Intex
Colour Multicolor
Item weight 1.67 Kilograms
Item dimensions LxWxH 166 x 100 x 25 centimeters
Minimum weight recommendation 40 Kilograms

About this item
Size: 65.5inch L x 39.5inch W x 9.9inch H (166cm x 100cm x 25cm)
Soft inflatable floor for comfort.
Capacity at 7inch wall height 27gal (102L)
Repair patch included
Ideal for use on balconies and terraces
small round pool
74.75 SR 67.28 SR 67.28 SAR
An aquarium with a cute and elegant design of exciting and interesting games Cute and wonderful shape Helps in promoting the spirit of competition among children Brings fun and enjoyment to the child Entertaining to spend the most beautiful and sweetest times
74.75 SR 67.28 SR 67.28 SAR
Ball valve for children
66.70 SR 60.03 SR 60.03 SAR
تفاصيل اضافيه

القياس: 86سم × 25 سم
Three rings water color pool
51.75 SR 46.58 SR 46.58 SAR
اضافه تفاصيل

القياس: 1.47 سم ×33 سم
normal pool
59.80 SR 53.82 SR 53.82 SAR
تفاصيل اضافيه

القياس: 1.52 سم × 25 سم
Volleyball game
59.80 SR 53.82 SR 53.82 SAR
Intex 10Ft X 10In Round Pool Cover, Size 305Cm Pn: 28030 Ean
59.80 SR 53.82 SR 53.82 SAR
Additional information
Keep debris from falling into your Metal Frame Pool with the Intex 10’ Metal Frame Round Debris Cover. This convenient cover has a 10 inch overhang for a great fit. Tighten the rope tie to help keep the cover from blowing off. Fits: 10ft Metal Frame Pools. Dimensions: 10ft by 10in. Includes: Convenient rope tie. Drain holes to prevent water accumulation.

SKU 28030E
Product Size 10ft
Age Grading adult
Package Dimension 9 in x 9.625 in x 4.625 in
Package Weight 5.42 lbs
Package Size 120″X10″ / 10ft
giant rhino island
175.95 SR 158.36 SR 158.36 SAR
القياس : 2.87 متر × 1.93 متر × 1.65 متر
oval pool
120.75 SR 108.68 SR 108.68 SAR

and convenience for years of family enjoyment
Hydro aeration technology ensures better flow and improved water quality
Practically designed for quick and easy setup
Equipped with a flow control valve for easy draining
Air pump to inflate the top ring is not included